Photo journal: November

I haven’t had as much time to update this blog since Extra brought me on board as managing editor back in October.

So I figured I’d do a photo dump of images I shot over the course of November as a kind of scrapbook update. Here they are, presented in no particular order and with no particular context. Enjoy.

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Pierogi Fest: The pride of Whiting



I went to the 2014 Whiting Pierogi Fest yesterday. In its 20th year, the festival draws almost 200,000 visitors annually to Whiting, Indiana. Originally from central and eastern Europe, pierogi are dumplings of unleavened dough that are boiled before being baked or fried, usually in butter with onions. They’re usually stuffed with potato filling, sauerkraut, ground meat, cheese, or fruit. However the festival featured alligator pierogi, taco pierogi and pizza pierogi as well. Continue reading