Realization after I finished filing stories for the day

ryokoI’m from Chicago. I’m a journalist. My dad’s an immigrant. I go out drinking with my friends at a dive called Christina’s Place on a regular basis. Throughout my childhood I worked at my parents’ bar in West Humboldt Park.

Mike Royko was from Chicago. He was a journalist. His dad was an immigrant. He went out drinking with his friends at a dive called The Billy Goat on a regular basis. Throughout his childhood he worked at his parents’ bar in Bucktown.


You tell me if you’re so damn smart.Ω

Halloween and the other things I’ve been up to

Some photos of Fear City Chicago that I took for

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October has been hectic.

Towards the beginning of the month I was able to attend Fear City Chicago‘s media day and write a short preview of the haunted house for The Bugle. It was a pretty nifty time and a great way to start the fall season.

I also covered the Illiana Tollway Project (aka CMAP vs Will County) story for The Bugle while also covering the Bucktown Bat Beating trial for Extra News. Continue reading