Down the Rabbit Hole: Phil Pitzer’s “Easy Rider: The Ride Back”

“The last thing the Hollywood establishment wants is for someone like me to do well in their backyard…I think we nailed it.” – Phil Pitzer, on the production of his vanity project “Easy Rider: The Ride Back.”

The “part prequel-part sequel” to 1969’s Easy Rider came out last year. Let that sink in for a moment.

Good? Good. It get’s better.

A media outlet called “CannabiNews”  interviewed Pitzer about the film, his legal troubles getting it made and (of course) smoking pot on set.

Pitzer spent what seems like a personal fortune to finance the film. He also appears to be actively morphing himself into Peter Fonda.

Dear readers, go down this internet rabbit hole. I implore you. I implore all of you. You will not be disappointed. Ω