Big things have small beginnings

In college I was an intern at Extra Newsa weekly newspaper focused on Chicago’s Hispanic community. Since graduating and working for other publications and marketing jobs I’ve continued to freelance with the publication on and off over the years.

Last month the publisher asked me to act as Extra’s guest editor and thanks to my performance he offered me the managing editor position when it became vacant in October. Being able to cover Chicago has been my dream since Adentro de Pilsen closed its doors and I took a marketing job out of Elmhurst to pay the bills.

And even though I’m back reporting on the city I love, I’m still going to be covering Niles for The Bugle in a freelance capacity.

So next time you’re walking by an Extra “honor box” be sure to pick up a copy and flip through it. This week our cover story is on how Chicago and Illinois officials are partnering with federal officials to screen for Ebola at O’Hare. Ω

Down the Rabbit Hole: Phil Pitzer’s “Easy Rider: The Ride Back”

“The last thing the Hollywood establishment wants is for someone like me to do well in their backyard…I think we nailed it.” – Phil Pitzer, on the production of his vanity project “Easy Rider: The Ride Back.”

The “part prequel-part sequel” to 1969’s Easy Rider came out last year. Let that sink in for a moment.

Good? Good. It get’s better.

A media outlet called “CannabiNews”  interviewed Pitzer about the film, his legal troubles getting it made and (of course) smoking pot on set.

Pitzer spent what seems like a personal fortune to finance the film. He also appears to be actively morphing himself into Peter Fonda.

Dear readers, go down this internet rabbit hole. I implore you. I implore all of you. You will not be disappointed. Ω