An American Horror Story: The Jingle Bells 5k


A gingerbread nightmare. / PHOTO BY ALEX V. HERNANDEZ

“It was like running through mashed potatoes.” -My girlfriend, taking about how much snow was on the 5k course we ran this morning.

It’s been snowing in Chicago since last night so there were a couple inches on the ground that impacted our ability to run at a good pace. And by run at a good pace I mean she ran while I alternated between a languid saunter and an ambling fox trot.

The course did a kind of figure eight around Diversey Harbor. We were told to dress up festively, we didn’t. However one person wore a full body gingerbread man costume. It was unintentionally horrifying. Ω

Hostage situation


Police closed off a large segment of Palatine Road during the standoff. / PHOTO BY ALEX V. HERNANDEZ


Police set up a perimeter, blocked off a large stretch of Palatine Road and tried to talk Anderson into peacefully surrendering. Meanwhile, news media and neighbors stood in the bitter cold watching the standoff while news helicopters hovered overhead. -via The Bugle

Around 8:50 p.m. Thursday night I got a bulletin that read: “Arlington Heights police officer shot & wounded, possible hostage situation for shooter.” I was at a family function when I found out the officer was reportedly shot in the neck and was taken nearby to Advocate Lutheran in Park Ridge (one of the suburbs I cover). A few seconds later my editor texted asking if I was following the hostage situation. I was going to have to bail on my family and haul ass to the burbs.

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Realization after I finished filing stories for the day

ryokoI’m from Chicago. I’m a journalist. My dad’s an immigrant. I go out drinking with my friends at a dive called Christina’s Place on a regular basis. Throughout my childhood I worked at my parents’ bar in West Humboldt Park.

Mike Royko was from Chicago. He was a journalist. His dad was an immigrant. He went out drinking with his friends at a dive called The Billy Goat on a regular basis. Throughout his childhood he worked at his parents’ bar in Bucktown.


You tell me if you’re so damn smart.Ω